SpeedCLEAN – we care about your health and safety!

We are direct producer of automatic, non-contact hand cleaning stations. We offer 4 type of hand sanitizer wtih modern technology: PLATINIUM ALU, PLATINIUM CRISTAL, GOLD CRISTAL, SILVER CRISTAL. High-quality Hygiene station guarantee  impeccable hand hygiene and minimizes the risk of infection. Fully comprehensive hygiene solutions that perfectly fit the needs of your business process.

SpeedCLEAN is a unique Sanitiser Dispensers to hand disinfection without hand contact. Designed to meet the need to increase hygiene, safety and give a sense of comfort. Disinfection device is an easy-to-use product and maintenance-free operation time.

                                                                   Operating principles SpeedCLEAN:

Our hand sanitizer machine for hand disinfection is intuitive and fast. The sensor detects movement and Dose of disinfectant solution is sprayed on the hand, which takes place automatically. After a few seconds, the disinfectant evaporates and you are left with clean, germ-free hands. Generous opening for disinfecting both hands makes the cleaning station high-functioning.
Excess FLUID drains into drip tray and flows into the special container making disinfection easy which prevent the liquid from accumulating around the station and splashing it over clothing.

Hand Disinfection with SpeedCLEAN takes place via 1 atomizing nozzle, therefore you will save the consumption of the disinfectant. Besides saving cost, it provides support in offices and corporations as well as a powerful marketing tool to attract customers and raise the company's prestige.

Freestanding automatic sanitiser dispenser SpeedCLEAN – it’s future-proof touchless disinfection station which Meets the Technological Needs of Citizens.

Touch free hand sanitiser provide an automatic dosage which enables quick and effective hand protection and eliminates cross-contamination. Automatic sanitizer sprayer is designed for every type of business and wherever is people flow.


 Keep your employees and customers safe!

Advantages of touch free Hand Sanitization Station SpeedCLEAN:

  • non-contact, automatic hand cleaning stations
  • minimizes the risk of infection
  • aesthetic, smart design
  • high-quality Hygiene station
  • low operating cost
  • large and comfortable hand space
  • maintenance-free operation time
  • reliable system with long service life
  • secure – lock with a key
  • warranty
  • high availability of disinfection device components
  • express delivery time
  • safe for children
  • adapted for disabled people
  • powerful marketing tool
  • indoor, outdoor
  • stable hand sanitizer dispensers
  • cleanliness – special drip tray and hand sanitizer drainage to container
  • efficient – even 20 litres capacity of hand sanitizer(depends on type)
  • economy - low consumption of the instant hand sanitizer
  • hygienic - preventing splashing liquid over clothing.
  • tailored to needed
  • hand disinfection instruction
  • made in Poland

State institution:

  • hospitals, clinics, health centers, nursing home,Rehabilitation Department.
  • educational care facility: schools, universities, kindergartens,
  • nurseries, libraries
  • cultural institutions (theaters, philharmonics, operas, museums,
  • libraries, community centers, art galleries, sports facilities);
  • student house, orphanage, sanatoriums;
  • post office; police stations;
  • bus stops; stations: PKP and PKS, airports
  • and many others

Commercial company:

  • workplaces: offices, production plant, corporations, banks;
  • leisure complex
  • gastronomy: restaurants, bars, cafes, confectioneries, wine bars, buffets, eateries, canteens…;
  • collective residence buildings: hotels, motels, boarding houses, holiday homes…;
  • shops: small, medium and large;
  • galleries and shopping centers;
  • beauty salons, hairdresser, Spa center,, massage salon, tattoo salon, studio solarium;
  • fitness clubs; night clubs;
  • pharmaciesgas stations; car showrooms;
  • water parks; large playgrounds for children;
  • bowling alley; casinos; wedding and conference rooms;
  • mass events; various plants and commercial facilities;
  • and many others

Additional options:

  • staff training
  • warranty and post-warranty service
  • the spare parts availability
  • possibility to install wheels
  • tailored to you needed (if multiple orders) - various design in your language
  • if you order more disinfection machine, we prepare an individual offer
  • fast delivery


automatic hand cleaning stations
minimizes the risk of infection
low consumption of the instant hand sanitizer

special drip tray and hand sanitizer drainage to container

large container for disinfecting liquid up to 20L
drainage of excess fluid (special container)
Stable structure
stainless steel
inside / outside
Aesthetic design
LED backlight


wide recess for disinfecting both hands

Adapted for disabled people
A reliable system with a long service life
100% sterility
Safe for children
Powerful marketing tool
Made in Poland

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